Automation Studio 4

automation studio 4

Reusability The advantages of object-oriented programming The behavior of a machine or system is governed by its software. It is the software that steers every process and movement, it is the software that manages vital messages and operating data, and it is the software that ensures appropriate responses to user input, instructions from 3rd-party systems and events reported to it via sensors.

Software development can therefore begin on the basis of the same specifications as the mechanical design, even when many details of the mechanical design are likely to change. The advantages offered by object-oriented programming can be leveraged to create structures and variables that can be filled in with actual values at a later stage.

Bidirectional data exchange with CAD systems Automatic code generation from simulation models helps align the software with the mechanical design very early in the development process. Programming is further reduced by being able to create individual components or entire modules in advanced CAD software using data generated from simulating kinematic and dynamic systems. When it comes to electrical planning, there are many benefits to avoiding the unnecessary effort and risk of errors associated with having two versions of the master data.

This bidirectional exchange ensures that both sets of data are always up to date. Sustainable savings through reusable modules Integrated tools facilitate teamwork, while automated version management reduces the time spent on coordination and documentation.

Helpful features such as automatic generation of master data, a visual hardware configuration tool and convenient object-oriented programming make designing software even more enjoyable. Self-contained modules that exchange data via clearly defined interfaces instead of accessing global variables can be arranged into any conceivable hierarchy.

It grants you the agility to successively upgrade complex machines component by component without the hassle of having to completely reprogram them. A modular software architecture makes it easy to leverage the full potential of technology components and function libraries.

Not only does this mean fewer hours spent writing and testing code, it also allows you to create dynamically configurable machine variants and optional features. Open at every level The only future-proof solution is an open solution.

Openness allows you to work with the tools you are most comfortable using. It allows machines to communicate effortlessly with external systems. And by facilitating the reuse of existing software for future solutions, it frees up valuable time to get your product to market faster.

Proprietary solutions, step aside. The future is Automation Studio 4. This not only allows programmers to work in their preferred language, it also means existing code can be easily integrated.

The availability of PLCopen function blocks such as those for motion control and safety further simplifies programming, as do connectors for integrating code generated automatically from simulation tools. Project files are shared exclusively in XML format, the de facto IT standard, which ensures open communication with third-party systems such as material management and production planning software. Further support is provided by direct access to databases via the SQL interface. Automation Studio 4 also supports various Internet technologies through the use of dedicated libraries that streamline the implementation of location-independent approaches to operation and production.

Integrated safety solutions based on openSAFETY — also programmed in Automation Studio 4 — are completely independent of the fieldbus system being used. This eliminates the problems that arise when interfacing between separate tools and significantly increases development efficiency. Through the use of open communication and software architectures and the application of advanced, sustainable development techniques, this integrated development platform and real-time operating system supports time-saving development of high-quality complete solutions from start to finish.

Eliminate barriers between systems and tap into the full potential of reusable software components with Automation Studio 4.

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Найдите всю необходимую информацию о товаре: программное обеспечение для автоматизации процесса Automation Studio 4 компании B&R. Новый программный пакет Automation Studio 4 от B&R предоставляет три решающих преимущества: максимальное качество, несмотря на растущую. и программа не запускается. Первоначальная установка проходила с проблемами - некоторых пакетов в архиве с сайта B&R не  B&R ProPanel

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