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But for quickly and conveniently solution untipical parts we can use C. Spend an hour of time and you will already start to understand basics in snippets and how to write your first C snippet. C pronounced "c sharp" is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language.

Read more - https: Snippet in programming - a small piece of source code or text, suitable for reuse. Mean a separate piece of code that can be used separately.

In our case, this is a piece of code that will replace 1 or more ordinary Zenno-cubes Step snippet in the project: An example of a snippet that came to my attention first: Many snippets use methods added in the latest versions. On older versions of ZennoPoster, the snippet may fail.

The method in C is a function or procedure belonging to a class or object. Like procedure in procedural programming, the method consists of a number of operators for performing some action and has a set of input arguments In simple words, this is a certain command for an object, often with specifying parameters. An example will be considered below.

Each snippet often consists of 3 things: Set value to variables 2. Perform methods on these variables or other objects 3. Show the obtained result after processing by methods This is not an obligatory sequence, and especially not necessarily the constituent parts.

If you make a mistake in the snippet, ZennoPoster will tell you the number of the line in the logs and where this error occurred. They can be connected in some way, but this is not the same thing.

Some methods work only with variable numbers, others with text, etc. Here is an example of set variables in a snippet with comments to them: In this line C variable of type "var" with the name "list" we set the value of our list with the name "BlackList".

You can also set the value of the C variable or the result of the method execution, but in these cases, you no longer need to use quotes. The abundance of examples of ready-made snippets on the forum will help to understand About methods: We have understood the methods above. The method can interact with a variable, or it can interact with any other object. For example here such line clears cookies of instance: And such, will break a line on a separator Code csharp: ToList ; - this is the method of separation Only certain methods can be used for each kind of object.

Clean the cookies for a variable or try to break an instance can not. How to correctly write a method and what it can be applied is always written to the description of the method, that in the method in which sequence should it stand. ZennoPoster methods are posted here - http: Choose your version of Zenno. Output of result C of the step: In the value of the veriable made by the C step, the default text is "OK", but if there is a line in the snippet code: Next, you need to look a little and get a grasp of the finished snippets and comments to them.

Officially nobody must write a snippet at the request, even if you have a pro version of ZennoPoster. This is not part of the support area, but if the question is correctly formulated, then the question is unlikely to be ignored by the Zenno community.

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ZennoExtensions. Библиотека для ZennoPoster.  При подключении библиотеки данным способом, она автоматически будет размешена в папке ExternalAssemblies, находящуюся в директории по которой установлен ZennoPoster. Например: C:\Program Files (x86)\ZennoLab\ZennoPoster Pro\Progs\ExternalAssemblies. Перед использонием шаблона на новой машине, нужно вручную поместить библиотеку в папку ExternalAssemblies. Включите отображение статических блоков. HTMLElementCollection:=; DispHTMLHtmlElement - является универсальным элементом, если надо вычитать общее свойство всех тэгов, можно использовать этот диспинтерфейс, если надо что-то конкретное, то можно использовать что-то конкретное DispHTMLButtonElement или например DispHTMLLinkElement. ZennoPoster - программа, предназначенная для повторения действий на любых интернет-сайтах. Она эффективно применяется для очень быстрого создания различных авторегеров, парсеров, постеров, чекеров и др.  [+] Для HtmlElementCollection реализован интерфейс IEnumerable для обхода коллекции в цикле. [+] В PM добавлена настройка «Сортировать переменные проекта по алфавиту».

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