Browser Automation Studio

browser automation studio

Helps to generate javascript. Account manager with database. BrowserAutomationStudio is packed with all of the cutting-edge features you want and need: Can create standalone bots in two clicks. You can compile your script and send to customer or publish in the web. Well documented, well tested. Has video tutorials, wiki and big community. Tested on many projects. You can fork and add new features by yourself.

Examine how BAS works. Sell your scripts in our shop. Earn with no initial investment. No coding skills required! Code in visual constructor. Easy and powerful multithreading. Just set thread number to make your script run in multithreading mode. Javascript as embedded language. Use javascript to empower your scripts. Create complicated js expressions with visual constructor.

BAS uses chrome engine to emulate browser. Native mouse moves and keyboard emulation. Emulate other browsers with fingerprint switcher module. Change browser internals to firefox, mobile browsers and others. Very fast and optimized http client up to threads. Increase speed of your scripts using http client. Add database to your project in several clicks. Useful if you want to create account manager. Chrome developer tools integration. Developer tools is the best way to inspect page markup and network activities.

Receive and send email with BAS is easy. No recompilation needed, just add module folder to BAS distribution. Do you have script, which you want to sell?

It is very easy! All site visitors and community members will see it. Need support or want to improve your BAS skills? Video tutorials describes every part of software and has many examples. Manual contains useful articles and videos. Premium If you need a fast and quality answer, upgrade to premium version and ask developer.

BrowserAutomationStudio: Chrome automation solution.

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BAS (Browser Automation Studio). Разрешите представить вашему вниманию систему автоматизации BAS. На данный момент системы автоматизации переживают кризис. Они разрослись и все меньше напоминают быстрые инструменты для решения задач и все больше - среды для разработки тяжелых проектов. BAS лишен этих недостатков. Это один из самых быстрых и нересурсоемких комплексов для автоматизации, с которыми я сталкивался, включая ZennoPoster и Ubot. Скрипты Browser Automation Studio. Автор темы kotsur. Дата начала 29 Сен Теги browser automation studio сокращение ссылок. 1. 2.  В тебе можно задавать вопросы по софту, просить помощи в автоматизации рутинных действий, помогу чем смогу. Также можно делиться своими наработками, вместе проще осваивать софт. Для просмотра ссылки необходимо: Войти или Регистрация Для просмотра ссылки необходимо: Войти или Регистрация. Browser Automation Studio. BrowserAutomationStudio is a solution that allows you to quickly create applications using browser, http client, email client, and other libraries. Programming skills are not required. Main application types: creation of posters, spammers, parsers, uploaders, apps for the social networks.  Email module. Search in mailbox. % browser emulation with chrome. Emulate other browsers with fingerprint switcher module. Native mouse click and move. Native keyboard emulation.

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