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Стоящая перед ним задача была крайне деликатна и требовала массу времени - вписать скрытый «черный ход» в сложный алгоритм и добавить невидимый ключ в Интернете. Тайна имела первостепенное значение. Любое подозрение об изменении «Цифровой крепости» могло разрушить весь замысел коммандера.

Только сейчас она поняла, почему он настаивал на том, чтобы «ТРАНСТЕКСТ» продолжал работать.

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Some of the politicians include: Political analysts believe that if Okorocha does not manage the selection of his successor maturely, it might spell doom for the All Progressives Congress APC in the state. For a state whose guber elections have always been unpredictable, pundits predict that the experience may turn out to be the most intense since the return to the present political dispensation in the country.

If early reports are anything to go by, the governor, it was gathered, is tinkering with supporting his son-in-law, Hon Uche Nwosu, for the top job, a situation which is beginning to unsettle the political landscape in the state.

Of the lot eyeing the seat is the deputy governor, Prince Eze Madumere, who had served as chief of staff to Okorocha. Besides being a political disciple of the governor for several years, Madumere — widely admired as meek, humble and unassuming, enjoys grassroots support for his philanthropy over the years. As a trusted reliable and dependable deputy governor, who has been with the rescue mission government right from inception devoid of any medium of sabotage or controversy, not a few Imo indigenes believe that Madumere if given the mandate would keep the flag flying especially the Free Education Programme of his master.

The consensus opinion is that the time has come for the entire Mbieri ancient enclave to be compensated for the injustice meted to the people by anointing Madumere to succeed Okorocha. The next turn should be Owerri zone. Anyone alleging violence by Owerri people is only trying to overheat the polity. Owerri people should and have remained calm and peaceful, more so in the face of such provocation.

The motive of government for doing so must be to incite our people to violence and then turn around to blame the attendant breach of the public peace on Imo Equity Movement. With regards to the issue of zoning, he said it was absurd that the governor argues that there is no more zoning in the state.

Why did he choose Chief Eze Madumere as his deputy, George Eche as the SGI, whereas his Orlu zone has sons and daughters of superior political and administrative experience? Orlu zone should have filled those positions as well and all the rest. This cannot be further from the truth, because in , APC left her governorship ticket to Orlu Zone, and better still, to Rochas with nobody from Okigwe or Owerri Zone contesting. In fact, the ticket was preserved precisely for the Okorocha family.

When he went out to contest for president, his son-in-law held the governorship ticket in waiting for him; not because there was no credible person from other zones, but it was done in good faith.

He stressed that by the current plan of the governor, he is sure that he wants to go for a third term in office through the back door. He wants to run for a third term in office against the spirit of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by hiding behind the back of his son-in-law, Chief Uche Nwosu. It is for this reason that he set up the Ugwumba Movement and appointed his son-in-law to run it.

This movement has since taken over the role of the Ministry of Information whose statutory responsibility it is to promote the programmes and activities of the state government. Today, we see billboards of the Ugwumba Movement showcasing achievements of government and usurping the role of the emasculated Ministry of Information.

We therefore respectfully urge His Excellency Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha OON to discountenance any advice in this direction as nothing but the hand work of undertakers, enemies and mischief makers who have set out to rubbish his political career. Go to the site Vkontakte, which introduce a name, specify gender if requested. Обучение ZennoPoster уроки GET получения значений в переменную Click on the register button. Next Vkontakte invites us to enter a phone number. Now we turn to our API, and learn balance on request - http: If you use the built-in tester Zennoposter use regular expressions and unpack via regular season.

In general, we need to get the number of the response comes after balance. Now compare if the resulting number is less than 10, close the project. If more than 10, then send a request for a phone number - http: If the Vkontakte wrote that the phone number can not be used, then we send the number to the ban on request -http: Enter the confirmation code Vkontakte and click continue.

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