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Make sure you have an open flip chart or whiteboard with markers to record the score and for debrief. This will help in the debrief as the team is able to look back and see the changes they tried and the results they achieved.

Timing Often their will be balls over the place. I have found it better to only start the 1 minute retrospective timing after all the balls have been picked up so that the team can fully focus on improvements for the next round.

After introducing the game and rules, state that you will be the manager and will feed the balls to the team. The intent is to add a process step that is unnecessary and wasteful. If they ask you to stop doing this simply agree. In fact, do anything, beyond passing balls, to help them if they ask. Do this before the first iteration if you are going to do this. You can then ask why they did not challenge your help and they will often say that you are an authority figure.

This may open the door to discussing challenging authority and asking managers for help. Set a Constraint Jeff Patton told me how we sometimes uses painters tape to tape the hands of one of the participants. And often this constraint, can lead to an aha moment where the team realizes that if they cup their hands they can pass more balls.

This could lead to a discussion of how constraints can sometimes breed innovation. Set a Stretch Goal Usually after 3 iterations you should see some significant improvement and they may feel that they have reached an optimum level. Most often, the team will have a significant improvement and you can debrief on how the team can achieve significant improvements when they set aside what they feel is their limit.

I suggest not doing this with the Stretch Goal as it may result in confusion. Card Throwing Henrik Kniberg suggested that when the game is over he sometimes asks someone to throw a business card as far as they can. The perhaps not so obvious step is to scrunch the card up and throw it.

However, I did have someone how was very adept at flicking cards and was able to flick a card more than 15 metres! The point is that even just after the learning from the ball point game we may still have trouble stepping back and looking at the process and seeing improvements.

Most people, will initially just try to throw the card harder! Becoming a learning team takes time and practice! Debrief Points What Happened? Ask with an open question and allow people to share their experiences. I then guide the remainder of the debrief around the remaining points depending on what I noticed, team interest, and time. What Iteration Felt the Best? Ask what made that one feel best?

Natural Velocity Look for an iteration where there was a dramatic improvement due to a reorganization. Ask whether this improvement was due to working faster or harder. Point out that every system has a natural velocity and that to significantly improve the system requires changing the process.

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