Imacros 8.8

imacros 8.8

You can download the latest iMacros 8 release at: Version History Name, Licensing and Price Changes New names and pricing With version 8 we adapted our names, pricing and license structure to better suit the needs of our growing numbers of enterprise customers. All existing users can renew their upgrade protection, for up to two years, at the old pricing see details below.

Discontinued, no longer required. The Enterprise Player Edition includes free unlimited player licenses for use inside your company. Allows unlimited, royalty free distribution to anyone outside your company, web downloads, etc. You have the choice to use the embedded component or the stand-alone iMacros software and browser APIs.

As an existing customer you can renew at the former V7 price until July 31, You can purchase renewal for up to two years. To renew, simply log into the customer center or email sales iopus. Of course, if your current upgrade protection for V7 has not yet expired, then you can still upgrade to the corresponding V8 edition for free!

Your existing license key will simply work with V8. If you have any questions please email sales iopus. Add more licenses at the former V7 pricing until July 31st, ! You will find the ability to do this in the customer center. Again, if you have any questions please email sales iopus. Free Addons The popular iMacros for Internet Explorer , iMacros for Firefox and iMacros for Chrome browser addons remain free and we actually put even more development time into them.

We love the expansive iMacros community. This huge user base benefits everyone, as it forces us to make sure iMacros stays the most powerful and most easy to use web automation product. This in turn also makes the users of the commercial iMacros Edition happy. How can this be free? Check out our business editions today! No changes to your existing macros are required. New Features Please see the Version History.

Is a free Player license also included in the upgrade? No, this would be considered a cross-upgrade. As an existing customer, you still have the option to cross-upgrade to one of the Enterprise Bundles at the old price using the Customer Center.

Скачать iMacros for Firefox - Softovka – бесплатные и условно-бесплатные программы

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iMacros скачать бесплатно последнюю русскую версию программы для windows без регистрации и смс. Браузерный плагин для работы с макросами и поддержкой функции распознавания текстов.  Программа: полная, бесплатная. Ограничения: нет. Язык: русский, английский, украинский. Разработчик: iOpus GmbH. Система: Windows XP, 7, 8, , Разрядность: 32 bit, 64 bit, x32, x СкачатьБесплатно официальную версию. Описание программы. для андроид iMacros for Firefox, документация iMacros for Firefox, для addmefast iMacros  скачать imacros firefox форум imacros quit firefox iMacros for Firefox, wiki iMacros for Firefox, windows 7 iMacros for Firefox, windows 8 imacros firefox wait imacros firefox web scraping imacros winclick firefox imacros with firefox imacro firefox wait command imacros firefox wait for page to load iMacros for Firefox, error handling imacros firefox extension imacros firefox enter key imacros firefox extraction. iMacros представляет собой довольно полезное дополнение для браузера Mozilla Firefox и других браузеров, которое дает пользователю возможность автоматизировать работу с данным веб-обозревателем. Расширение позволит сохранить цепочку действий в макрос, после чего заново воспроизводить ее одним кликом. Представленное дополнение.

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