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Often iMacros users need to decide whether they need to use pure iMacros or the iMacros Scripting Interface i. We will try to give you some basic guidelines here. Basic hints The rule of thumb is: If on the contrary, - the macro needs to perform a number of sequential actions - no conditions should be checked - no flow control is required, then you can use pure iMacros.

Some exceptions However, there are a few exceptions that let you use pure iMacros code even in some situations which look like decision making is required.

You want your macro to continue if an error occurs. This looks like decision making if error, then continue , which requires the Scripting Interface, but in reality you can set the! You want the macro to stop execution if a keyword is found.

As of iMacros 7. The EVAL command provides a powerful way to perform more complex calculations and data manipulation by evaluating Javascript statements directly in your macro. Why is this not in iMacros? First of all, this is NOT a limitation of iMacros, but rather a deliberate and informed design decision. We do not think that our customers should have to attend week-long seminars just to learn yet another proprietary scripting or programming language.

Any programming logic can be put into an external script that then calls iMacros using the Scripting Interface. And those people who do not yet know a programming language can learn any language they prefer and then not only use it with iMacros, but also for any other tasks they might want to program later.

It may look as though using an external programming language adds complexity, but creating a new programming language to use with iMacros would add just as much complexity. So we created the very powerful Scripting Interface that allows you to use iMacros with every Windows Scripting or programming language on the planet. These languages are used by millions of computer users, and are reliable and very well documented. We also added a command line interface for use with batch files and the task scheduler.

Many samples are available here: We use Visual Basic for these samples, but they can easily be translated into any other language. Running a macro from a Visual Basic script First of all we create an iMacros object: There are 3 ways to do this: Specify the full path to the macro as a parameter for iimPlay iim1. If the macro is located in the "Macro folder" specified in Edit - Options - Paths in iMacros, you can use just the name of the macro as a parameter for iimPlay iim1.

Use the code of the macro as a parameter for iimPlay. In this case the macro should begin with "CODE: Use iimPlayCode to play dynamically generated macro code. With this method, the macro code need not begin with "CODE: Extracting data from a macro Anything that the macro stores in the! You can either assign something to the!

iimPlay() - iMacros

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iimPlayCode('ТУТ КОМАНДА IMACROS'). Все команды из макроса нужно перенести в файл js и заключить их в такие строчки. Урок iMacros №3 - Управляющий ява-скрипт. Для того, чтобы макрос iimPlayCode("TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:TEXT ATTR=NAME:Login. Страницы: 1. Форумы;» iMacros;» Как iim превратить в js iimPlayCode( macros); - проиграть макрос с параметрами по умолчению.

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