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However, most of the above locales are still only partially supported. When installing, Firefox will load the locale matching the language of Firefox itself. Privacy iMacros stores everything on your PC. In other words, no iMacros information is stored on our website. We never have access to your macros or scripts. This includes the social scripting feature. Even in this case our servers are not involved. Technical background information for those who are interested in how it works: If you want share you macros social scripting and select the option "Run everywhere: This means visitors of your website or Intranet page can run the macro.

Again, no macro information is stored on our website. The URL contains the complete macro For experts: The macro is BASE64 encoded.

You can add the iMacros bookmark url with the embedded macro to a social bookmarking service like http: Then the information is stored on their website and other users can run your macros.

It is your decision to share your scripts, and our website is not involved in this. Technically what happens if you call a URL that starts with javascript: If no iMacros add-on is installed, then a simple web page is opened that provides the user with a download link to iMacros. Passwords are stored encrypted with your master password inside the macro files.

Version History V9. Unfortunately, this change imposes the following limitations: The following were never officially supported and had to be removed as well, since Firefox no longer allows access to the page DOM from the browser context only frame scripts can do so now No access to webpage DOM from javascript in.

Please note that iMacros version 8. See also How to downgrade iMacros V8. Not enough arguments [nsIWebBrowserPersist. Some strange freeze issue.

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iMacros от А до Я. iMacros for Firefox 10 is a complete rewrite of the add-on for Firefox Quantum ( v56 and later) with an updated, cleaner user interface. Интернет магазин по продаже скриптов для imacros. Вы можете в режиме онлайн приобрести скрипты для Вконтакте, Одноклассники и для других соц.

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