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What is the functional difference between Internet Explorer with iMacros turned on, and the iMacros browser? Technically speaking, the iMacros Browser is a "giant wrapper" around the Microsoft Internet Explorer low-level components, so iMacros uses exactly the same code to render a web page as Internet Explorer does. There are no functional differences between the iMacros browser and the iMacros IE sidebar. You can even specify which version of IE the iMacros browser should emulate.

It is a dedicated application for web automation, data extraction and web testing. So you can always switch easily between the different browsers. To switch, you simply need to change the iimOpen parameter.

Background information for experts: This executable application uses Internet Explorer components to perform the navigation, history maintenance, favorites maintenance, HTML parsing, and rendering, and so on, while it supplies the toolbar and frame for the stand-alone browser. The iMacros Browser uses the same Shdocvw. It runs directly inside the Mozilla Firefox web browser and automates the original Firefox web browser.

Please see this FAQ for additional information. Is this a problem? If you use iMacros for web testing automation, this means that you can run all IE related tests in the iMacros Browser, too. The iMacros Browser will give you exactly the same rendering and error messages as Internet Explorer. Are there conditional statements like if Short link to this FAQ [Update: Starting with version 7.

We did not add such statements as we do not think that our customers should have to attend week-long seminars just to learn yet another proprietary scripting or programming language. In other words, iMacros commands refer to web page elements, so any programming logic must be put into a script that then uses iMacros to automate the website.

So we created the very powerful Scripting Interface that allows you to use iMacros with every Windows scripting or programming language on the planet.

These languages are used by millions of computer users, are reliable and very well documented. We also added a command line interface for use with batch files and task scheduler.

Basically what you do is: Examples on how to use the iMacros Scripting Interface are available in sample code chapter and you can find the full definitions for each method in the Command Reference. How do I know whether I should use just a macro or if I need to also use a script for my task?

Please see this article for some tips on deciding whether you need to use pure iMacros or the iMacros Scripting Interface i. Your iMacros serial number, activation key, and license file required for offline activations and player distribution can be found by logging into your Ipswitch Community account and clicking the My Products option.

After activating iMacros, the serial number is also displayed in the Help - About box. How do I activate iMacros? Simply enter your license activation code into the text field on the iMacros License Activation dialog and then click the Validate button. There are a few different ways to open the iMacros License Activation dialog: On the evaluation screen that displays when starting iMacros, click the "Already an iMacros customer?

The license activation failed, what do I do now? First, double-check the number of activations used. This information can be found in your Ipswitch Community account on the Product Details page for the license. Compare Activations Used to Max Activations If the Activations Used is equal to or greater than the Max Activations, then you will need to either deactivate one or more existing machines before activating the license on the target machine s , or purchase additional licenses. Next, try the activation a second time - there could have been a temporary network problem during the first attempt.

If you continue to receive a communication or other unknown error while attempting to activate, please follow these steps to perform an offline activation. Try an offline activation if the normal method fails If you receive an error stating that mfcu. This has been fixed starting with iMacros Due to the close dependency that iMacros has with Internet Explorer, and because of changes to recent versions of IE with regard to "bitness" e.

This is necessary so that IE can find and load the appropriate iMacros extension according to the bitness of the tab in Internet Explorer. Do you have a Personal Edition license? The iMacros browser only works with a Professional or Enterprise Edition license.

Another option is to start the application iMacros for IE iMacros. Download from Ipswitch Community account Q: If you are a licensed iMacros customer and have either a Personal, Professional, or Enterprise edition license v12 or later , you can download the File Access for iMacros Extensions module from your Ipswitch Community account. Login to your account, select My Products, then select your license and click the Download link to find and download the installer for the File Access module.

After installing, the File Access module will automatically detect whether there is an iMacros license on the machine and only prompt you to enter your activation code if necessary. Only a license for Personal, Professional, or Enterprise v12 or later will work. How do I use my existing macro. You will need to convert your macro files to macro bookmarks: Open the macro file in a text editor, e.

I create macros for my clients. Do you have a player? For more information, please see Distributing iMacros. How do I download and install the Player? All you need to do is activate the trial version with your Player key and it "becomes" the Player users have all the features of the Enterprise Edition available except the ability to record new macros. For more information about distributing iMacros to your users, please see Distributing iMacros. How can I automatically install iMacros?

General information can be found under Distributing iMacros. Is there a network installation available for the install of the player? You can create network installs either by using the command line options provided by the installer see Distributing iMacros. The license is associated with the Windows user account you are logged into when you activate iMacros. If you then run iMacros from a different user account on the machine, you will also have to activate the software under that account.

This is also the case if you are launching iMacros from a scheduled task that runs under a different user account. Multiple activations on the same machine only count as one license. Alternatively, you can copy the iMacros license file to a common location on the machine that is accessible to all users, and then make a Windows registry change for each user so that iMacros knows where to find the license file.

Assuming you were to move the file to a folder named C: You can pass the license key to iMacros from the command-line using the -key switch, or by passing it into the call to iimOpen if you are using the iMacros scripting interface.

Why is the recording functionality disabled after I activate my license? You activated iMacros using your Player license, which only allows macro playback.

To record macros, you need to activate with your main Enterprise license. Note that you can only activate your main license on one machine at a time unless you have purchased multiple licenses. What if the iMacros icon does not appear in the IE toolbar? If you have previously customized your Internet Explorer toolbar the new iMacros icon does not appear by default. You need to add it to the Internet Explorer toolbar manually: Internet Explorer View 1.

Select the iMacros icon from the list of "Available Toolbar Buttons" and add it. The icon appears in the toolbar. This behavior is a feature of Internet Explorer - and not "bug" with the iMacros software. Is the license key tied to one physical machine? Prior to iMacros You can uninstall the software on one machine and move it to another machine without problems as often as you need.

See this FAQ for other ways to deactivate. For public distribution of your solution without royalty payment, an iMacros WebBrowser Component for. How do I deactivate my iMacros license in order to e. This applies to iMacros There are a few different ways you can deactivate the license: When you uninstall iMacros, the license is automatically revoked from that machine.

Deactivate it within the Customer Portal. Why does the Event Viewer show. You might have a broken or corrupted installation of the. NET Framework on your machine. Try using the normal. If this still does not solve the problem, follow the instructions for Method 2 on this page: Why is Firefox automation with the scripting interface using iimOpen "-fx" no longer working?

Please make sure you have installed the correct combination of iMacros as well as iMacros for Firefox.

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