Imacros Windows 7

imacros windows 7

Not all iMacros editions support all features. Playback looping The Play button will repeat the macro up to the maximum loop number specified in the Repeat field. Note that you can set the! LOOP variable inside the macro, so it does not need to start at 1. Shortcuts Instead of opening the iMacros Browser, marking the macro you want to play and then clicking the play button, you can create a shortcut to start iMacros and automatically run a predefined macro. Shortcut Properties To create a shortcut: This is the iMacros Browser, typically located in "C: A new file called Shortcut to imacros.

Select the file and right-click on it. Select "Properties" and the left dialog will come up. In the box Target you find an entry similar to "C: Change this to "C: You must use quotation marks around the command. Do not change the path in the box "Start in". You can now move this shortcut to a convenient place like the Desktop and start iMacros by simply double-clicking on the shortcut.

For a detailed explanation of the various command line options please see the section on command line switches. Please refer to the Features Comparison page to see if your iMacros edition supports it. The iMacros Browser iMacros. Also, the browser can be called from batch files. Batch files are very simple programs that allow some structures the iMacro macro language does not support directly. Such structures include conditional programming if They consist of a series of commands, can be created and edited by any editor e.

Notepad and have the file ending. Batch files can be started in the standard way, by double-clicking on the file, but also through the Scheduler See the Schedule Tasks section on this page , which is a part of the Windows operating system by default. Please note that file shortcuts can be looked at as simply a batch file that consists of only one line: The most important part of a batch file that starts iMacros is the command line to start the browser.

As mentioned before, this command supports several command line options that control the behaviour of the browser. After completing the macro the iMacros Browser automatically stops and closes. To keep the browser open, use the -noexit switch. You can now use batch files to conveniently execute several iMacros in a sequence: In the above macro, the batch command echo is used to print messages to the standard output.

Other important command line switches are those setting variables. Imagine, you want to call a macro searchEngine. You can set the search value via the command line: The value is either 1 if the macro was completed successfully or negative if an error was encountered. Please note an important restriction here is that each call to iMacros runs in a separate browser that is closed when the macro finishes. This means you cannot have subsequent macros continuing from where the previous one finished.

To have a macro login to a website and second macro loop through the site you need to use the scripting interface. Schedule Tasks iMacros is fully compatible with all standard task schedulers, including the built-in Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler please see this article for important tips about scheduling macros. The Microsoft Task Scheduler is part of your Windows system. It "hides" in the "Control Panel" folder, which is located in the "My Computer" folder on your desktop.

By using Task Scheduler, you can schedule tasks such as iMacros or system tools like the Disk Defragmenter to run at a defined time that is most convenient for you.

The Task Scheduler starts each time you start Windows and runs in the background, checking if any scheduled task is due. With Task Scheduler, you can schedule a task to run daily, weekly, monthly, or at certain times such as system startup. For more information please see the Task Scheduler sample code chapter. Dialog Manager iMacros handles all these dialogs The Dialog Manager allows you to manage all those pesky dialogs that appear with Internet Explorer from time to time.

The dialog manager is always enabled and active. If some dialogs quickly disappear during replay, it is because the Dialog manager closes them automatically. The password is stored with the method you selected on the Security tab of the Options dialog. More details about the different password storage options can be found here. Javascript Related example macro: You can even extract the text of a dialog by adding SET!

Web Page Dialogs Related example macro: Since web page dialogs can contain any number of buttons or boxes you can automate them by sending a specific list of keyboard commands to them. Web page dialogs are not normal HTML browser windows. Therefore they do not open in a separate tab but pop up in front of the current window. Web page dialogs are either modal or modeless.

A modal dialog box must be closed before you can continue working with the rest of the web application. For modeless web page dialogs, you can use also use the DirectScreen Technology. There are also other options to automate web page dialogs. Print Related example macro: Demo-Print The dialog manager works with the print dialog. Security Dialogs Security dialogs can occur on many secure websites.

The iMacros Dialog Manager automatically clicks the security dialog boxes so your macros are not interrupted. The IE settings also apply to the iMacros Browser. Certificates Some secure web pages ask you to select a client-side certificate.

Page Errors Related example macro: Demo-OnError Page script errors can occur on many websites for a variety of reasons. The iMacros Dialog Manager automatically clicks the Internet Explorer error dialog boxes so your macros are not interrupted by script errors! Saving Web Sites Related example macro: This command is very easily tweaked after the macro has been recorded to fit your needs. You have different options as to which format you wish to use to save the currently displayed web page.

These options are CPL The complete web page is saved. The files and images are saved separately and stored in a folder. HTM The web page source is saved with no images. If the page has frames all framed HTML pages are saved automatically. PNG A screenshot of the web page is saved. Use "Save Screenshot" to record this command. Use "Save Extracted Data" to record this command. Web Site Screenshot iMacros takes screenshots of the entire web page, no matter what length Related example macro: This includes the part "below the fold", i.

This file format can be used with any image editor. Save Website Elements iMacros can intercept file downloads and even download pictures and other elements from the website you are visiting. Download Files Related example macro: Demo-Download Save Dialog handled by iMacros Whenever a file download is initiated, Internet Explorer will present you with the dialog shown.

This dialog allows you to select want you would like to do with the file. If you choose to save it it will also ask you for the file name and location. It has two parameters that control the file name and the folder in which to save the file. It must appear before the macro command that starts the download. The general web page timeout also applies to downloads.

So make sure that the timeout value is long enough to cover the complete download time. If needed you can also increase the timeout value manually inside the macro with the SET! Save Item Related example macro: To download an image switch to a recording mode, navigate to the page and press "Extract Image" in the recording tab. The Image Extraction Wizard opens and whatever image you select from now on will be displayed on the preview.

The proper TAG command, e. SAVEITEM will be automatically generated and, if you are satisfied with the final result, you can add the commands to the macro being recorded. You may also change the final folder location and file name. You can also create download taglines manually.

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Скачайте iMacros себе на компьютер, и вы сможете автоматизировать наиболее часто повторяющихся действий в веб-браузере. iMacros - скачать iMacros для Google Chrome, iMacros - весьма полезное расширение к браузеру Google iMacros для Windows. Trial версия iMacros включает в себя возможности standart и Enterprise сборки. Системные требования Window 10, Windows 8 / 8,1, Windows 7.

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