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When creating a new project, it is important not only to make it effective, but also secure. That is why we have focused on improving privacy and confidentiality of our customers. This feature allows to combine all depended assemblies, encrypt them and pack to new project. So, now you can prepare your project within one click without writing long manuals for it. This new option even has more benefits.

It allows to start and execute project with your own code faster than earlier. You can now sleep twice well, because your bots are double-protected! Note that this is just the first step in that direction, more coming soon. Improved users privacy Your e-mail address is not shown anymore in environment variable Environment.

CurrentUser as well as in registry. Moreover, starting from this release, user identification is performed only by ID. You can still encrypt your projects by e-mail or ID, which you can get from "Profile" section in user panel. And there are also more very important and interesting changes in new version: This allows to avoid stealing user data. You can now handle site notifications, allow or block them. Notification message can be read using macros Page.

The option to set proxy for project and selecting proxy rules. The option to move elements by grid using Arrows holding Ctrl modifier. Font selection in label element. Now tasks are running faster when large number of projects added to ZennoPoster. This is very convenient when you use a lot of nested projects. Traffic analyzing is more effective now.

If you call an alternative method for executing the script, it will attempt to execute code without eval method. Framework version have been fixed. Multiselect has been corrected. Eelement selection and editing have been fixed. Saving values in input settings field has been fixed. Tab switching has been corrected. Html code garbage has been removed. Code alignment is now possible. ElementId attribute for checkBox has been corrected. Notification at manual code editing that edited element should have ID from numbers has been added.

Issues with animation when using animate. Problem switching tabs with symbols ": Read more about other changes:

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