Скачать Imacros

скачать imacros

The users who experience problem with Paypal have the opportunity to upgrade their user account through transferring the subscription fee to our Bitcoin wallet and notifying us via an email.

Please use "User Account Upgrade" as the subject of your e-mail. We provide our users with the most up-to-date and Full Version. Net, Delphi, and other software development tools. To be able to download some of these tools, you need to sign up for the website and buy one of the plans available on the website.

Plans available on the website: NET available for purchase as a separate product , you can build your own. NET application with the same playback power of the iMacros Browser in just a few hours. No separate installer required. Seamless Integration iMacros seamlessly integrates with your. It can even be used as component inside every. NET application just like a browser control. White Label Branding iMacros is hosted inside your application. You have complete control over the look and feel.

Your license includes a royalty-free distribution of all programs that you create with the component. Browser Automation iMacros lets you record and replay repetitious work and is the only web automation software that works with every website.

Automatically fill-out forms just like an end-user would. You can easily download and upload of text, images, files and web pages, handle PDF files, or take screenshots.

Update Excel and Access from the web. Data Extraction iMacros can also perform tasks that are the exact opposite of form filling, such as: Web Testing Use iMacros for functional, performance, and regression testing of web applications. NET makes it easy to quickly add web automation to your applications.

You also get a proven technology that has been tested and debugged for more than ten years and is used in over , installations with Royalty Free distribution.

iMacros for Chrome - Chrome Web Store

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iMacros for Firefox бесплатное скачивание. Получить новую версию iMacros for Firefox. Экономьте время и деньги с помощью этого многогранного . iMacros - скачать iMacros для Google Chrome, iMacros - весьма полезное расширение к браузеру Google Chrome, с помощью. Описание. iMacros for Firefox – это функциональное дополнение к браузеру Mozilla Firefox, позволяющее в несколько раз облегчить.

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